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The BondaScope 350 has now been taken over by the BondaScope 3100 Tri Mode Bond Tester. Please follow this link for the current page.
BondaScope 350 BondaScope 350 - Dual Mode Bond Tester
The BondaScope 350 Dual Mode Bond Tester for checking the integrity of bondlines - Part of the BondaScope Ultrasonic Bond Testing Range
BondaScope 350 Compact & Lightweight - only 1.8lb (0.82kg)  with batteries Pitch-catch & Resonance modes Display Modes: RF, Impedance plane, Flying Dot, Sweep, Time- encoded profile Programmable user set-ups Automatic probe recognition and Probe Library Tone burst, high energy pulsed mode Introduction As the use of adhesively bonded joints and fittings has increased across many industries, the need for testing bond integrity has grown. Metal to metal bonded joints, sandwich constructions with various skin and core materials, bonded carbon fibre composite structures have all become important in manufacturing as well as in-service repair patches and adhesively bonded re- enforcements. The integrity of these bonds is critical to the quality of the final product. Conventional ultrasonic methods can be limited for these applications and so a variety of alternative methods have been developed to handle this range of material combinations. Portable Bond Testing The BondaScope 350 is a super compact and lightweight hand-held, battery operated ultrasonic bond tester that uses 2 different testing modes to cover a range of applications. Operating typically between 20kHz-400kHz, the lower frequency, compared to conventional ultrasonic testing, enables deeper penetration through attenuating material, across multiple glue lines and even sandwich cores to detect far-side defects. The different display modes are optimized for different applications with a variety of gates and alarms to easily identify a flaw. Dual-Mode Operation The instrument uses the most common Pitch-catch (P/C) and Resonance modes that are suited to laminates, bonded and sandwich structures. Pitch- catch is dry coupled, easy to use and works well on larger defects, >0.5”. Resonance mode requires couplant, but can identify smaller defects and even determine which layer the defect occurred in with multi-layered bonded structures. 4 Inspection Methods  When a probe is connected to the BondaScope 350, the automatic recognition optimizes the settings for the probe type. There are 4 inspection methods available: Pitch-Catch RF: Transmits a short burst of acoustic energy to the part and measures the amplitude and phase change of the received signal directly. A disbond reduces sound attenuation into the part leading to a higher amplitude at the receiver. Pitch-Catch Pulsed: Transmits a spike pulse of broadband acoustic energy into the part and measures the amplitude at the received signal. Pitch-Catch Swept: Transmits a shirt burst of acoustic energy to the part across a pre-defined swept frequency range. The system measures the amplitude and phase change of the received signal. Resonance:  Probe driven at the resonance frequency and the damping caused by contact with the part is analysed. Defects are identified by a change in the phase and amplitude of the probe resonance caused by a change in acoustic impedance of the part. Results can be displayed in different modes including live RF envelope or impedance plane display (flying dot or swept) is a polar coordinate system showing the phase shift and amplitude of the test area compared to a nulled out good bond. A time-encoded profile of phase and amplitude can also be used for rapid scanning. There is a range of probes available for each inspection method and the system is also compatible with probes from other manufacturers for added functionality. The BondaScope 350 Ultrasonic Bond Tester offers a Flying-Dot, Impedance Plane Resonance mode in addition to a user selectable Tone Burst or Pulsed, Pitch-Catch mode with Pulse Rates up to 300Hz. The BondaScope 350 Composite Bond Tester is well suited to inspecting metallic, non-metallic and combination metallic-non-metallic structures for a variety of anomalous conditions. These include measurable levels of unbonds, voids, de laminations, inclusions, porosity, fibre damage, core damage, bond line thickness variations and certain material properties. Inspectable configurations include adhesively-bonded laminates, advanced fibre composites and honeycombs. Some typical applications include:  Multi layered Laminates Boron Fibre Composites Carbon Fibre Composites Glass Fibre Composites Composite to composite Skin to honeycomb Foam Cores Graphite-Resin Composites Kevlar Composites Composite to substrate Honeycomb structures Honeycomb to honeycomb Skin to core flaws Far-side defects Honeycomb and foam cores Metal to metal bonding Adhesively bonded fittings Adhesively bonded structures Impact Damage Liquid Ingress Crushed core Delaminations Disbonds Far-Side defects Rub strip and many more For inspections requiring advanced bond inspection including Mechanical Impedance Analysis (MIA), please see the BondaScope 3100. The BondaScope 350 provides the operator with much more flexibility in test set-up and definition. The BondaScope 350 incorporates a probe recognition ability to set the instrument to "optimized" baseline parameters ready for use. Plug in the Medium Frequency Pitch-Catch probe and it is ready for use with only minor application specific refinements. The BondaScope 350 supports all of the profile modes of the BondaScope 300 including full screen RF- Phase Bond Profile, RF-Amplitude Bond Profile and our exclusive Bond "Signature" mode while adding the ability to provide the Impedance Plane Resonance mode. Other features include phase and/or amplitude alarm gating with a high dB audio alarm. Display is 3.9" Diag. LCD and is FULLY SUNLIGHT readable, Quarter VGA (240x320). Size 7.25" Tall x 3.5" Wide x 1.87" Thick and 1.8lbs (with all batteries installed). The unit operates on 3 or 6 'AA' NiMH or alkaline batteries for up to 10 hours. The Aluminium enclosure is capped with a medium durometer rubber top and bottom protecting sensitive surfaces from abrasion. There is an adjustable back strap which fits around the operators hand as well. The bottom cap includes an I/O connector incorporating USB output for transferring the saved data and set-ups to a PC via an available Data Transfer program. There are two additional caps on the bottom which enclose 2 sets of 3ea, 'AA' NiMH batteries. The unit will run on one set or both to increase running time up to 10+ hours. The unit incorporates an on- board charger. Regular AA Alkaline batteries may also be used. With the introduction of NEW, Leading Features including SplitView and SplitScan the BondaScope 350 presents a better indication and presentation of potential bond problems available today. Advanced NDT Ltd is unique in offering, for the first time in industry, the ability to scan a surface and map the profile within the scanned window for review. Other, SIGNIFICANTLY more expensive units may offer to store a TOTAL of a mere 20 waveforms; the BondaScope will can store over 250 full scan sets and over 100 Set-ups! The concept of Scanning and presenting historic information on screen, in real time, allows the operator to asses the pattern over distance and/or time, thereby developing a trend pattern. This information provides the operator with a higher level threshold. The high speed, fully sunlight readable, backlit display offers a full Quarter VGA resolution. The resolution. The resolution of the display will appear to approach analogue! User interface is via simple plain text menus located at the bottom of the display. Large numeric display zone offers full 7/16" high characters. Another industry leading feature is the ability to password protect all or any specific menu item at a supervisory or user level. With this feature a supervisor could allow the user the ability to adjust the gain AND have the ability to limit the gain adjustment within a band to within 6dB around a specific value. For instance, Gain = 44dB and the user can adjust from 39- 47dB. This minimizes the possibility for a user to set the gage outside the supervisor's designed test parameters. The BondaScope 350 is without a doubt the most affordable dual-mode Bond Tester available today and is a price leader in Bond Testing while offering exceptional performance in a miniature package. Depending on the application, the BondaScope 350 can perform the inspection of competitive units costing up to 2.5X more.
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