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Labino SuperXenon - MPXL  The Labino SuperXenon 35w & The super powerful Labino SuperXenon 50W UV lights. If UV intensity is what you need then look no further.  Interchangeable docking device allows switching between mains or battery power if required.
Ultraviolet Lights & Torches
Ultraviolet Lights / Lamps & UV LED Blacklight Torches / Flashlights - For many applications including: Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) such as Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) and Dye Penetrant Testing (DPI), Leak Testing, Purity Control, DNA Based Tracer Liquids (e.g. SmartWaterTM Detection), Sanitation, Crime Scene Investigation, Forensic work, Hotel Inspections, Art verification and restoration and many many many more
UV LIGHTS Labino Standard MPXL  The Labino Standard MPXL 35W UV Lights (135 Series & TrAc Series) used for many applications including NDT inspections, Leak Testing, Crime Scene Investigation (forensics) and many many more.  Mains Models: Compact (135, H135, PH135) - Duo (S135, PS135)  Battery Models: TrAc Light (H135TL, PH135TL) - TrAc Light Pro (PS135TLP) GX Orion - Over Head - LED  The Labino GX Orion Modular overhead LED UV System that allows you to design the desired covered area by mounting together multiple units.  There are three different models to choose from, remote controlled with multiple UV intensities, UV on/off button only, and UV and Visible (white) light on/off buttons only. Models available to meet ASTM E3022-2015, Rolls-Royce RRES 90061 & Airbus AITM6-1001 etc. BB Series - LED  The Labino BB Series products Helios & Ikaros are UV LED lights with a powerful and wide UV Output. They provide large coverage and weigh less than many comparable products. They are widely used for field inspections, on an MPI bench or penetrant line. Models available to meet ASTM E3022-2015, Rolls-Royce RRES 90061 & Airbus AITM6-1001 etc. MB Series - LED  The Labino MB Series (MidBeam) - Zeus, Hermes and Iris are UV LED lights. They are compact and weigh less than many comparable products but are extremely robust in nature, designed for heavy industries with very difficult operating environments. Estimated LED Life time of 30,000 hours with an ingress protection marking of IP68 Waterproof. Proving to be our most popular UV lights yet.  Mains or Battery powered. Models available to meet ASTM E3022-2015, Rolls-Royce RRES 90061 & Airbus AITM6-1001 etc. Nano UV 375 - LED  The Labino Nano UV 375 an extremely compact UV LED torch.  Operating at a peak of 375nm it is more suited for basic UV applications. VISION 365 - UV365 - LED  The VISION 365 is a robust rechargeable pocket sized UV LED torch.  Ideal for wide variety of applications. UVG Series - LED  The Labino UV LED Rechargeable UV LED torches & Head Lights. Small, light and powerful. Designed for quick inspections and hard to reach areas.  Models include: UVG2, UVG3, UVG4-HEAD & UVG5-HEAD.  Models available to meet ASTM, E3022-2015. Apollo 2.0 Light Meter  The Labino Apollo 2.0 UV & Visible Light Meter for accurate measurement of UV-A Radiation and white light emissions. Small enough to to fit in a pocket. Wireless Sensor allows measurements up to 5 metres away and ensures the unit is stable with no movement  from connecting cables during measurement. NIST, SP & ISO 3059 UV Protection  UV (Ultra-Violet) Eye & Face Protection - UV Eye protection with 99% filtration up to 385nm. We offer both the Labino UV Blocking face shield S400 for full eye & Face protection and simple safety glasses style glasses S505 XC. UV-A Light radiation is dangerous and can cause harm! LabinOil  The Labino LabinOil , complete engine leak detection test kit. Includes Fluorescent dye and high intensity Labino UV LED Torch.  For use with petroleum based lubricants, you do not need to clean the engine before or after use, nor do you have to empty the engine of oil. No training required. DUV-35W - Labino Bulb  The Labino DUV-35W (F101) for use in all 35W Labino MPXL UV Lights.  Note: Due to Special Processes carried out by Labino, It is highly recommended to use genuine Labino DUV-35W bulbs / lamps in your Labino UV Light to prevent any damage to the lights internal electronics and to give maximum performance and lifetime. Using non Labino approved bulbs may invalidate your warranty. UV Spares & Accessories  Labino Spares and accessories. Including replacement parts, additional add-ons and mounting stands etc. Forensic Lighting - ALS  The TrAc Finder Crime Kit, The Nova LED Torch Lights & The New SuperXenon LUMI Kit - Forensic Alternative light sources / Alternate Light Sources (ALS) are invaluable for detecting substances (forensic trace) at a crime scene such as: body fluids (semen, urine, saliva, vaginal fluids, blood, sweat etc.), bruising, hair, fibres, foot prints, fingerprints, Ninhydrine (treated fingerprints), Super glue (treated fingerprints), Lumicyano Treated Fingerprints, Fluorescent dyes, powders, stamps, markers, basic yellow 40, Cyanoacrylate, (SmartWater TM) and general searching. White Lights & Torches  The Labino White Lights & Torches. The Labino white lamps have a unique white luminance, which makes it possible to see things that have not been possible before.  Ideal for Forensic / Crime Scene Applications.
We have a very wide range of UV Lights to choose from such as Bulb or LED technology, mains operated, portable battery operated, combinations of both, hand-held, bench mounted, in varying cases and intensities etc. All offer instant or near instant start up times, with no pre cooling etc. Can be switched off and back on instantly. All operate with no external fans making them lighter and quieter, very useful in damp or dusty environments and require less maintenance. They will still stay cool to the touch, especially useful in confined spaces. None of our lamps are affected by magnetic fields. The battery models are fitted with current regulators to keep intensities stable when the battery power fades. Our UV Lights are divided in to two main categories defining the light source technology the Lights are based on. Standard MPXL 35w & SuperXenon MPXL 35w & 50w (Gas Discharge Bulbs) or LED (Light Emitting Diodes).
Standard MPXL SuperXenon MPXL
Standard MPXL & SuperXenon MPXL (Gas Discharge Bulbs) These UV Lights use the gas discharge bulbs (Standard MPXL 35w or SuperXenon MPXL 35w & 50w) a similar technology to that of modern car headlights. These types of UV Light typically give much higher intensities giving them the ability to spread that light over a larger beam area, or to be focused over a longer distance or even in brighter conditions such as daylight. Making them more suited to applications requiring the following attributes:- • Large beam coverage area. • Illumination from a greater distance. • Illumination in brighter conditions e.g. daylight. • Combinations of the above.
LED (Light Emitting Diodes) These UV Lights & Torches use the latest in LED technology. These type of lights are usually more compact and lighter weight than the previous gas discharge bulb lights. Making them ideal for harder to access areas or areas where a beam can be projected down tight spaces etc. The LED’s also offer a much greater life expectancy, a more uniform beam and No UV-B emissions.
Choosing which type of UV light is right for you? Many factors will affect the best choice of UV Light for your application. To help narrow down the options for you here are a few questions to think about while choosing the light you require. • Do you require it to be portable (battery operated) or mains powered only? • Is the size of the lamp critical? (Access or weight issues may limit you to torch size lights.) • Will you be able to darken the area or will it it be daylight? • Do you need to illuminate the inspection area from a distance? • Do you need to cover large areas quickly? • Do you have specifications or standards to meet? (e.g. Visible light output limits, intensity outputs minimum or maximum, Specific Wavelength requirements etc.) • The budget - Obviously the wide range of UV lights covered will vary a lot in price, from the basic UV LED torch through to the high intensity portable gas discharge bulb lights. There are many other things to consider but if you need any assistance in your choice then please do not hesitate to contact us for further help. Below is a comparison chart highlighting a few of the basic factors when choosing a UV light which may assist you in narrowing down your choices.
Possible Applications Applications include: Non Destructive Testing (N.D.T.), Magnetic Particle Inspection (M.P.I.), Dye Penetrant Inspection (D.P.I.), Leak Detection, Engine Leak Detection, UV Curing, Sanitation, Purity Control, Art Restoration, Art Verification, DNA Based water detection e.g.. SmartWater, Theatrical Stage Lighting, Pre Paint cleanliness checking, Forensic work and Crime Scene Investigations. Animal Urine monitoring and detection, Search & Rescue operations and many many more. Brochure
UV Lights & Torches